Why Is Home Charging Station a Must-Have for Driving an Electric Car?

Among the many EV charging equipment, home charging stations have gradually become indispensable equipment for families who own electric cars.

The necessity of home charging stations for driving electric vehicles

  1. Home charging stations can provide car owners with more convenience and flexibility, especially when public charging stations are scarce or occupied.
  2. Safety is an essential reason for installing home chargers
  • A secure environment is easier to control
  • The charging process is easy to monitor
  • Equipment is easier to maintain to prevent accidents caused by equipment damage

Current status of the electric vehicle market

The popularity of electric vehicles

The remarkable sales figures, documented in the 2023 Global EV Outlook by the International Energy Agency, further confirm the ongoing trend of robust industry growth.

According to the report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), global sales of electric cars, which include both battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), surpassed 10 million in the previous year, marking a 55% increase compared to 2021. The IEA, headquartered in Paris, also noted that the total number of electric cars on the world’s roads in 2022 exceeded 26 million, indicating a 60% rise from the previous year.

The distribution and situation of charging facilities

IEA data shows that the ratio of the number of electric vehicles to the number of public charging points in the United States in 2022 is 14.81. Europe’s ratio in 2022 is 12.6. This shows that the number of charging piles is insufficient to meet the charging demand.

The challenges of driving electric vehicles

It can be seen from the above that the problem of charging piles is one of the challenges faced by the development of trams. One of the challenges faced by trams is the problem of charging piles.

  1. If the charging location is small and there are many cars that need to be charged, parking may be inconvenient due to the small space.
  2. It often happens that there is no one to repair the faulty charging pile.
  3. Troubleshooting and maintenance of faulty charging stations can be challenging due to a lack of available technicians.
  4. There are various charging standards and connector types, such as CCS, CHAdeMO, and Tesla’s proprietary Superchargers. Compatibility issues between these standards can be frustrating for EV owners, especially during long trips.

What are the advantages of home charging stations?

  1. Help you better control charging costs
  2. Home charging piles are professionally installed and comply with relevant safety regulations to ensure the safety of charging.
  3. No longer limited by charging station availability and queues at charging stations
  4. Reduce battery aging speed and loss

Comparison between home charging stations and charging outside


Home Charging Stations

Charging Outside (Public Stations)


Highly convenient. Charge at home whenever you need, no special trips required.

Convenient for on-the-go charging, but less convenient for daily use. May require special trips.

Cost Savings

Typically cost-effective, as home electricity rates are often lower than public charging rates.

Can be more expensive than home charging, particularly at fast-charging stations.

Dependable Range

Ensures your EV always has a dependable range for daily commutes. Reduces range anxiety.

Useful for long trips and when you can’t charge at home, but may not be as dependable for daily use.

Charging Speed

Faster charging with Level 2 chargers. Charges a typical EV overnight.

DC fast chargers at public stations offer rapid charging when you need to add range quickly.

Ownership Flexibility

Makes EV ownership more accessible, especially for renters or those without home charging access.

Crucial for urban living where home charging isn’t feasible.

Environmental Benefits

Allows the use of renewable energy sources like solar panels, reducing carbon footprint.

Public stations rely on the grid’s energy source, which may not be as green.

Personalized Charging

You can customize your charging schedule to take advantage of off-peak rates and incentives.

No personalization options, but some public stations offer variable pricing based on demand.

Increased Property Value

Installing a home charging station can enhance the resale value of your property.

No impact on property value.

Emergency Backup

Some home chargers offer backup power during outages, ensuring continuous charging.

No emergency backup functionality.


Home charging is limited to your residence.

Provides charging options away from home, especially important for long trips.

Fast Charging

Home charging is typically slower.

DC fast chargers at public stations offer rapid charging, adding significant range in a short time.

On-the-Go Convenience

Charging outside is convenient when you’re away from home and need a quick top-up.

Less convenient for daily charging but valuable for travel.

Urban Living

Home charging may not be feasible in urban areas with limited parking or charging infrastructure.

Public stations are crucial in urban settings where home charging is challenging.

Variety of Connectors

Home chargers are typically customized for your EV model, offering the right connector.

Public stations offer various connectors to accommodate different EV models.

Network and App Support

Limited network or app support at home, but some smart chargers provide this feature.

Many public stations have network and app support for locating, accessing, and paying for charging.

In conclusion, the rise of electric vehicles is undeniable, with significant sales figures and expanding charging infrastructure worldwide. Home charging stations play a pivotal role in this transformation, providing convenience, safety, and freedom from the limitations of public charging stations. Despite the growth in EV adoption, challenges such as charging station availability and compatibility issues must be addressed to make electric mobility more accessible and user-friendly.


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