Summary Of The Top 10 China EV Charging Pile Manufacturer In 2023

This article will introduce the top ten charging pile manufacturers in China to help you better choose EV charging pile.

TELD – Charging pile manufacturer


TELD New Energy Co., Ltd. is a prominent player in the domestic new energy vehicle charging industry, serving as both a manufacturer of charging equipment and an operator of charging networks. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has been at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology.

TELD New Energy provides a diverse lineup of advanced electric vehicle charging solutions, including group and high-power DC chargers, low-power time-sharing units, automatic charging with flexible robots, microgrid products, and a variety of single pile options ranging from 7kW to 320kW.


TELD stands out due to its groundbreaking approach to charging infrastructure. The intelligent charging system, with its four-layer structure, enables efficient and prioritized charging, contributing to low-peak charging scenarios. The pile-free and waterproof design enhances safety and durability, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly charging experience. TELD’s dedication to becoming an ecological operator underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability, aligning with the government’s objectives and meeting customer satisfaction.

Jingneng New Energy – Charging pile manufacturer

Jingneng New Energy

Established in 2012, Jingneng New Energy is a national high-tech enterprise and specialized small giant enterprise, with headquarters and production bases in Hunan, Guangdong, and Hubei.

With a focus on electric vehicle charging piles, Jingneng’s products are included in the catalogs of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid suppliers. The product range encompasses household, real estate, public operation, bus operation, and construction machinery charging piles. 


Jingneng New Energy’s strengths lie in its advanced core technology, dedicated R&D team, comprehensive product offerings, and its role as a complete solution provider in the new energy integrated industry.

Boasting over 160 patents, software copyrights, and third-party certifications, Jingneng adheres to quality management systems, including IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO28001.

Jingneng provides over 300 million charging services through eight major operation centers and strategic partnerships with local governments.

Gregying – Charging pile manufacturer


Gresgying, a leading EV charger manufacturer, stands out in the industry with its strong commitment to technological innovation, as evidenced by its extensive R&D efforts, 200+ patents, and diverse product portfolio encompassing EV fast charging stations, energy storage systems, microgrid systems, and energy management systems. 


Operating across 50 countries in Asia, Europe, and Oceania, Gresgying ensures a global and unparalleled charging experience, strengthened by strategic partnerships with major operators like State Grid, Didi, and international energy giants BP and Shell Recharge. 

With a substantial production capacity, demonstrated by its 30,000 square meter production center in Nanchong, and continuous growth evidenced by over 65,000 charging stations in operation, Gresgying solidifies its position as a leader in EV charging technology, emphasizing its adaptability and excellence in meeting the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market.

EV Power – Charging pile manufacturer

EV Power

EV POWER, originating from Hong Kong, distinguishes itself in the EV charging pile industry through strategic investments, providing comprehensive charging solutions for both individual users and property management companies. With a subsequent deepening of its presence in over 50 cities by 2022, the company has built an extensive network of more than 8,100 charging stations and 40,000 charging piles. 


EV POWER’s commitment to infrastructure development is evident in its targeted investments in communities, office buildings, and public spaces, creating EV-READY and environmentally friendly smart areas. Looking ahead, EV POWER is dedicated to continued growth and innovation, positioning itself as a leading charging service provider in the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles in China.

BYD – Charging pile manufacturer


In China, BYD is not only famous for the cars it produces, but also for the charging piles it produces.


BYD’s commitment to customer service is evident in the completion of over 2,000,000 full-process door-to-door “stake” services, achieving remarkable efficiency with an average daily installation rate of 4,000+ times. These advantages showcase BYD’s dedication to advanced design, rapid innovation, and exceptional customer service in the EV charging pile industry.

INVT – Charging pile manufacturer


Established in 2002, INVT (Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd) has maintained a dedicated focus on industry automation and energy power, pledging to deliver superior products and services to elevate customer competitiveness. As the inaugural A-share listed company (002334) within its industry, the company has showcased both financial stability and market credibility since its public listing in 2010. With a global footprint encompassing 15 subsidiaries, over 40 branches, and a sales network spanning more than 100 countries, INVT has firmly positioned itself as a key international player.


The company’s designation as a Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Plan underscores its expertise in pivotal technologies such as power electronics, auto control, and IT. INVT’s diverse business portfolio extends across industry automation, electric vehicles, network power, and rail transit. Boasting 10 R&D centers nationwide, over 1400 patents, and the industry’s inaugural lab with ACT qualification from TÜV SÜD, UL-WTDP, and CNAS National Lab, INVT places a strong emphasis on innovation and quality assurance.

VMAX – Charging pile manufacturer


Shenzhen VMAX New Energy Co., Ltd., established in 2005 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, stands out in the EV charging pile industry with several notable advantages. The company is dedicated to the development, production, and sales of power electronics and power transmission products, particularly focusing on new energy vehicle power electronics and motor drive. 


VMAX’s key strengths lie in its commitment to meeting customer needs through rapid innovation and customization. As a leader in the new energy vehicle power electronics and motor drive sector, the company is widely recognized for its focus on customer interests and differentiated global solutions.

Lei Sheng charging – Charging pile manufacturer

Lei Sheng charging

Fujian Leisheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established in March 2018, distinguishes itself in the EV charging pile industry through a robust alliance of charging pile manufacturers, power distribution equipment factories, and IT companies. With its headquarters in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, the company operates from cooperative production bases and modern standard factories, boasting an exceptional technical management team with extensive experience.


The company’s exclusive focus on the research and development, sales, operation management, and system integration of charging piles and charging stations sets it apart as a comprehensive business entity. Specializing in investment, operation, leasing, OEM, and comprehensive customer services, Leisheng collaborates with various manufacturers strategically to establish a fully integrated industrial chain. Leisheng’s advantages lie in its strategic alliances, comprehensive business model, and a dedicated focus on creating a seamless industrial chain for EV charging solutions.

Star Charge – Charging pile manufacturer

Star Charge

Star Charge, a prominent unicorn in Asia’s digital energy sector and a core brand of Wanbang Digital Energy, excels in the EV charging pile industry with its comprehensive service platform. Offering equipment, platforms, user services, and data operation services to a global customer base, Star Charge strategically collaborates with over 60 well-known car companies. 


The company has garnered recognition through its participation in national-level projects, winning key initiatives from the National Energy Administration and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Additionally, Star Charge actively contributes to setting industry standards, having played a role in drafting domestic and international charging standards. 

With prestigious certifications, over 400 R&D patents, and a leading position in high-power charging units, Star Charge’s innovative “mobile energy network” concept exemplifies its commitment to pioneering business models within the digital energy ecosystem.

MEGMEET – Charging pile manufacturer


Megmeet Electrical Co., Ltd. stands out as a comprehensive solution provider in electrical automation, excelling in software and hardware R&D, production, sales, and services. With expertise in core technologies, Megmeet operates in six key business areas: Industrial Automation, New Energy Transportation, Intelligent Equipment, Power Solutions, Home Appliance Control Solutions, and Precision Connection.


Megmeet’s global presence includes 11 R&D centers, 50 subsidiaries, 17 global offices, and partnerships with over 500 business collaborators, showcasing a robust and extensive footprint. In the domain of EV charging pile solutions, Megmeet’s advantages lie in its comprehensive approach to electrical automation, cutting-edge technology, and a vast global network that positions it as a significant player in the evolving landscape of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

About us – Professional EV charging pile manufacturer in China

charging pile manufacturer

Nanjing Langchi Group M&E Co., Ltd. is a prominent player in the electric vehicle industry, boasting a rich history since its establishment in September 2000. With its headquarters in Nanjing, the company has grown significantly, currently employing 500 individuals and achieving a substantial business scale of 2 billion RMB. As an exemplary supplier, Langchi seamlessly integrates technology, industry expertise, and trade services.

Key Advantages of Langchi

Comprehensive Product Range: Langchi offers an extensive range of charging station and charging gun series products, catering to diverse customer needs in the electric vehicle sector.

Stringent Certification Standards: The company places a strong emphasis on product quality and safety. It holds various international certifications, including CE, TUV, UL, RoHS, and UKCA, ensuring that its products meet the highest industry standards.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Langchi takes pride in its patented technologies, which contribute to its status as a leading supplier in the Chinese electric vehicle industry. The incorporation of innovative features, such as internal waterproof treatment and TPU cable materials compliant with the latest IEC standards, sets its products apart.

Enhanced User Experience: The TPU cable material used by Langchi is not only lighter and thinner but also boasts longer durability and resistance to low temperatures. This commitment to quality contributes to an improved user experience for customers.

OEM and ODM Support: Langchi is flexible in meeting customer needs, offering support for both Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). This allows for customized solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Innovation Ecosystem: The company has established a complete Innovation Ecosystem, with a strong focus on research and development, production, and stringent quality control. This ensures that Langchi stays at the forefront of technological advancements in the electric vehicle industry.

Global Recognition: Langchi has earned recognition as a world-renowned OEM supplier with international SKA merchant and seller credentials. Its years of overseas sales experience, coupled with sophisticated brand and channel development, showcase its global prominence.

Automated Production and Supply Chain Excellence: With an automated production line and a robust supply chain system, Langchi stands among the top 5 suppliers in the industry, ensuring efficiency and reliability in meeting market demands.

Cost-Effective Solutions: The company emphasizes high cost-effectiveness, providing customers with value for their investment in electric vehicle charging solutions.

Flexibility and Branding: Langchi offers flexibility in branding, allowing for customized logos with flexible minimum order requirements, providing a tailored approach to customer preferences.


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