EV Portable Charging Level 1 EV Charger


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Features of EV Portable Charging

Product parameters of EV Portable Charging

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When the car is fully charged, the device will automatically stop charging.

Please read the instructions carefully before use;

Do not connect the circuit by yourself without professional guidance;

Do not use when the inside of the charging plug becomes wet. Do not install it yourself before reading the installation instructions;

Except for the charging of electric vehicles, it shall not be used for other purposes;

Special attention: Do not disassemble the device by yourself under any circumstances, it may damage the internal precision parts and cannot enjoy after-sales service.

Before use, please check whether the neutral wire position of the charging socket is correct, otherwise some functions of the product will be unavailable.

Packing of EV Portable Charging

LED light show status of EV Portable Charging

Related standards of EV Portable Charging

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